Sunday, January 27, 2013

War Against Moscow’s Stray Dogs

Moscow’s vigilante “dog hunters” who have killed an estimated 1,500 stray dogs around the city’s parks in recent years have escalated their fight against the animals by openly organising a “massive culling” event (reported here, for example).

Typically, they use poisoned bait, which has also caused the deaths of several pet dogs, and use the internet to exchange stories and tactics plus post photographs of the dead dogs and links to news stories of their activities from around the world.

The boldness of this latest move is quite shocking with apparently no attempt to conceal the intention or meeting place, although, this does perhaps suggest that it is a publicity stunt rather than a real intention. Animal rights groups have organised counter protests whilst police say they will be present in order to “prevent cases of cruelty to animals”. 

As far as I understand, the “event” was due to take place last Friday (25th) but I have seen no reports yet as to what, if anything, actually happened.
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  1. The more powerless people feel in political/social terms, the more they need to take out their aggression on less powerful beings? Violence against street dogs is just one manifestation of that here. Attacks on migrant laborers and gays are another.