Friday, November 23, 2012

Handicapped Stray Dog Video

This video of a stray dog in China which has paralysed back legs but still manages to get around by walking with a “hand-stand” has been posted on Youtube several times and on different blogs many more times. Information about the animal is very sparse and I have not seen any details about how it came to be in this condition but a traffic accident would be a good guess.

I wasn’t going to post the video myself until I started reading some of the on-line comments, which are largely anti-Chinese and either make weak jokes about nobody wanting to eat such an animal or berate the Chinese in general for not adopting the dog as a pet.

However, the fact that a dog with such a handicap can so confidently walk around in this manner and actually look reasonably well-fed suggests to me that it is actually being looked after to some extent but in east Asian culture that does not necessarily mean as a pet. Rather than wondering why nobody has adopted this poor dog perhaps we should be wondering how it is able to carry on living on the streets without being adopted. It could well be a case of care in the community that would never happen in the societies providing the anti-Chinese comments.
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